1. Identify your plan.

Online English Solo Course – ($95 USD per year) - Recommended for beginner level learners

This is a Self-Paced, 100% Online English program. For 12 months, you have access to engaging content to enhance your English communication skills. It includes a placement test prior to the beginning of your first module. More information here.

Online English Solo - Premium Course – ($325 USD per year) - Recommended for all levels looking to add live conversation practice

This is option is similar to our Solo Digital Solution, however it includes live conversation practice with an English instructor weekly in one-hour group sessions of up to 8 students. More information here.

Online English Solo - Platinum Course – ($775+ USD per year) - Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners

This option is similar to our Solo - Premium Digital Solution, however in this case, this option includes up to 22 Private 30-minute sessions (one-to-one) with an English instructor, so you can develop your skills at a faster rate. There are options to extend the number of sessions or the length of each session. More information here.

Online SPRINT Course – 5-week Business Skill Enhancement ($499 USD)

This course leverages on the Premium platform to deliver an online course led by an Instructor. The course is made up of five private sessions of 60 minutes each over a 5 week period. It will help you develop a specific skill in English, ranging from Business Presentations, Participation in Meetings, Business Writing and Business Negotiation skills. More information here.

Elevate (trainer-led courses): Individuals, 12 languages available ($1,764+ USD)

These courses will help you develop proficienty in 12 languages available, including English. The online Language Courses are delivered by an instructor and they are fully personalized. They consist of a block of 36 hours to be used over the course of 12 months. More information here.

Elevate (trainer-led courses): Groups of 2-4 learners, 12 languages available – ($2,475+ USD)

This course is for small groups of 2-4 learners and is a trainer-led, online face-to-face solution. Private, CEMEX-only groups can be offered to develop language skills in 12 languages. This course is ideal for global teams who would like to learn together. More information here.
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